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Reta Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($reportPath="reports", $outputPath="output", $iniFile="reta.ini", $retaPath="")
 generate ($reportName="test", $sql, $outputType="pdf,csv", $debug=false)

Detailed Description

Reta makes the reporting possible by using the open source engine of Report Manager Reta requires wine to run on Linux and uses the reta.sh shell wrapper

Currently supported database engines are: sqlite3, firebird-2.5, mysql

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Reta::__construct (   $reportPath = "reports",
  $outputPath = "output",
  $iniFile = "reta.ini",
  $retaPath = "" 

The constructor for Reta

String$reportPathRelative to the document root
String$outputPathRelative to the document root
String$iniFilePath to the iniFile, normally is in the same folder as reta, but you may want more.
String$retaPathPath to reta if the system can't determine it, usually one folder below the document root

Member Function Documentation

Reta::generate (   $reportName = "test",
  $outputType = "pdf,csv",
  $debug = false 

generate calls the rita engine to generate the report.

String$reportNameThe name of the report file without the rep extension
String$sqlA valid SQL statement which will work with the database
String$outputTypeA comma separated string which can include : pdf,csv,xls,html
Boolean$debugTurn on the debugging messages for troubleshooting

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