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-====== Debugging ====== 
-A topic that is probably not covered enough. If you do not have debugging working in your IDE environment then you are sadly wasting a lot of your own time.  A debugger allows you to step through problem code and figure out what is going wrong without adding all those die(), var_dump() and print_r() statements. 
-Tina4 helps a little with the initial debugging by showing decent error messages and identifying the code where your errors occurred but the most important thing is to install x-debug for PHP and get yourself up and running. 
-Installing a debugger can be a bit painful at first however once you have one working the rewards are self evident. 
-Get started by installing x-debug, here are some pointers below for the various operating systems: 
-Windows - should be able to download and enable the extension 
-Linux & Mac - try a PECL install first otherwise you are going to be compiling from source code 
-Here is a link to get you started: 
-[[https://xdebug.org/docs/install|Installing Xdebug]] 

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