Installing PHP

PHP is an Open Source general-purpose scripting language used in software/web development. You need to have PHP7.1 or greater installed on the command line. Follow these instructions to install PHP on your system.

Install PHP Instructions For Windows

PHP 7.4 or greater is recommended.

According to, extensions are: “specially formed libraries or plug-ins that provides a function that can be used by many applications”. You find this directory in your php folder named ext. Next you will open Notepad or your IDE Editor and search for Extension Directory and set it to where your extension library folder in located. extension_dir = “ext”

Install PHP Instructions For Mac,Unix etc

On macOS etc you can run this command to get all the necessary files.

 apt-get install php-curl php-fileinfo php-gd php-intl php-mbstring php-soap php-tidy php-xmlrpc php-xml
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