Introducing Tina4 Content Management System

Tina4 CMS is a module written with Tina4. Here is what you get out of the box:

  • Page driven CMS - Each page can be a landing for content
  • Articles - Articles can be categorised and displayed on pages
  • Snippets - little HTML pieces you can reuse
  • Article Categories - These double up as menus and categories

Getting Started

The beauty of working with the Tina4CMS is you can build your own site in a matter of minutes as it only needs a tiny SQLite database to start with and you have all the Tina4 power out of the box.

Run each of these commands individually to get the Tina4CMS installed and running:

composer require tina4stack/tina4cms
composer exec tina4 initialize:run
composer start

Once you have that working you need to add into your index.php file a database connection, your index.php should look as follows:

require_once "./vendor/autoload.php"; //Load all the libraries
//Initialize the database
global $DBA;
$DBA = new \Tina4\DataSQLite3("cms.db");
//Create a new config
$config = new \Tina4\Config();
//Run the Tina4 engine
echo new \Tina4\Tina4Php($config);

Once this is all running browse to https://localhost:7145/cms/login to setup your initial user.

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