Connecting to Firebird

The database connection is established in a global variable called $DBA in the index.php file for convenience, you could put it anywhere as long as it is global and required before any database functionality is required. For testing purpose, you can use the Firebird database type below


Notice the convention of using the hostname:[database|database-path] except when it is SQLite which then becomes the local path.

For Firebird database type:

require_once "./vendor/autoload.php";

// Initialize Firebird  Database Connection
global $DBA;
$DBA = new \Tina4\DataFirebird("localhost:/home/database/FIREBIRD.DB", "sysdba", "masterkey");

$config = new \Tina4\Config();
echo new \Tina4\Tina4Php($config);

Tina4 is a dynamic system and should already have the tools you need, but due to Tina4 being Bleeding Edge tech, there might be a chance you have trouble with the database, thus run the following commands to install the Database and Firebird files required for your system:

composer require tina4stack/tina4php-firebird
composer require tina4stack/tina4php-database

For a custom database hostname and port use the following format in your ENV file:


For more information on these Datatypes please click this FireBird link

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