Troubleshooting ORM returning null

Sometimes you may get no data back from an ORM query. You'll see an error like this one below stating that there was no data returned.

array (size=0)

So how do we resolve this?

Step 1

Check the terminal for errors. You should see the query as in the output below.

[Thu Mar 25 16:25:19 2021] INFO:Adding DBA
[Thu Mar 25 16:25:19 2021] DEBUG:SQL:
select  *
from    match t

Step 2

If your ORM query returns no data try running the query using a database client like DB-Beaver or PhpMyAdmin.

“select * from match t”

Step 3

Retrace your steps.

To get data from an ORM object you need the following files:

Define an ORM Class (Model)

// ./src/orm/Match.php
class Match extends \Tina4\ORM
    public $tableName="match";
    public $primaryKey="match_key"; //set for primary key

a Template file (View)

<!-- ./src/templates/match.twig -->
  {% set match ="MatchHelper","getMatch",[]) %}
    {{ dump(match) }}



class LegacyHelper extends \Tina4\Data 
  public function getMatch($id) //no data yet
        $match=(new OldMatch())->select("*",1,0)
                               ->where("match_key = {$id}")
    return $match;

Route (optional) a Route is preferable but Tina4 will read your template file by name in the absence of a route matching your url query.

http://localhost:8383/match.php should reach your template file if it's located in the templates directory (not a subdirectory of it).

Step 4

Consider reserved words. In the case above “match” is a reseved word in MySQL

Avoid Reserved words. If you inherit a database with tables that have reserved words for names you should change the names of those tables.

As a short term workaround

You can use tildes around the table name using the fetch method:

$match=$this->DBA->fetch("select * from `match`")
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