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Tina4 Directory Structure

As you know by now Tina4 is not a Framework. There are some general conventions we used to make things more consistent. You can use all parts of Tina4 or only some parts.

What makes Tina4 different from Frameworks you may have used is how compact its code base is. Tina also has quick ways of doing things like generating ORM Objects from your database.

Each folder in a new Tina4 project has a README file that explains what part of Tina4 class you should extend. i.e. \Tina4\Process

Tina4 Directory Structure

  • cache - delete this folder if you want to clear things, in debug mode no caching happens
  • migrations - migrations are stored here
  • src (Source files)
    • app – app code gets served by routes.
    • public – css / js / images and more - all the public stuff
    • orm – ORM Objects – Tina Can generate these initial files from your database
    • routes – You can setup folders to structure your project as suggested below
      • api – api routes
      • admin – admin routes
      • user – user routes
    • scss – SASS compiled into public/css/default.css file
    • services – Scripts which need to run on a schedule
    • templates - twig templates get served at http://yoursite:8282/app
    • .env – generated automatically on first run
    • index.php – tina4 entry point

TODO link to different intro pages for each of the main topics directly from the directories.

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