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Basic Hello World in Tina4

Templates in Tina4 are written in Twig. Tina4 exposes some common globals into the twig template so please make note of these, if you are worried about security use the following env config to remove them


The globals map as follows:

PHP VariableTwig Variable

We store templates in the app/templates folder in our project directory.

The following template would be accessed by hitting up the default project URL http://localhost:7145/demo

hello world

You definitely want to look at the official Twig Documentation

Add my own filters to twig

If you need to add your own filters in Twig you use the config passed to Tina4Php on running Tina4 in the index file

$config = \Tina4\Config();
/*My Custom Twig Filter */
$config->addFilter("myFilter", function ($name) {
    return str_shuffle($name);
/* End of Custom Twig Filter */
echo (new \Tina4\Tina4Php($config));
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